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Garden Gate Lavender
Garden Gate Lavender
Owner - Vivian Nielsen     
Medical Lake, Washington     509-244-0767
Lavender Farm
Plants, Lavender Lotions, Shampoo, Lavender
Spray, Lavender Oil, eye pillows, soap, etc....
      My name is Vivian Nielsen, and I own Garden Gate Lavender Farms in
Medical Lake, WA. My previous career was teaching special education and
"at risk" students.

     I loved the city life, but because of the stresses that occur from working
with "at risk" students, I was feeling wiped out by the end of my workdays.
The Nielsen family is a group of artists who have never heard of the word
can't.  So, when I said I wanted to move into the country and build my own
house and gardens, they said "OK, lets do it!"

During the next five years we built a 3,000 square foot shop the old
fashioned way, with just our hands.  My husband, in-laws, my brother, our
two daughters, and I learned how to use carpenters tools and work together
as a team.  It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. We ended up selling our city
house and moved into the shop while we worked on it.  Not many people can
say that they have lived in a shop!

A few things came our way that challenged our dreams.  My father-in-law
was diagnosed cancer and my teaching job was putting a toll on my physical
health.  Having a lavender farm open to the public was going to be a
someday in the future proposition but now it looked as if the timing needed to
be moved up.  We took a leap of faith.  

I quit my job and we opened up the lavender farm full time.  I still love
teaching and I tutor on the side, but my farm is my dream-job-turned-reality!
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